I've been playing video games since my childhood, I started with an SNES, and I sincerely love them (I'm not trying to make video games for nothing). This section is divided into a list of several videogame topics

Video games that I think are essential to experience


If they make a copy of your whole being, would the copy still be you, or is it someone else?

With this question we can summarize the plot of SOMA, a horror video game in the most existentialist theme. What I love about this video game is that it boosts the plot thanks to the interactivity of the medium.

The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask

A very peculiar video game, I love its use of time, its history is dark, so much so that there are already several theories that say that all your adventure is a representation of the duel.

But one of the messages it conveys is "You can't help everyone at the same time," a video game more than recommended.

PS: Play the Nintendo 64 version, in my opinion it's the best version.

Fallout: New Vegas

A lot has been said about this video game, and they're right, it's AMAZING, the complexity of the missions, the plot, the amount of endings, a video game you shouldn't miss.

PORTAL 1 & 2

  • Portal: A short but powerful videogame, I love the atmosphere, its puzzles are not very difficult, but it compensates with the second half of the story and its organic design with the installations.
  • Portal 2: More a the same but expanded, with more history and comedy, but is a good game after all (but still prefer the predecessor)

Megaman Zero 2

The movement is fluid, bosses challenging, good design levels, except for a disgusting level. Perfect for those who love to finish games in the shortest time possible.

Megaman Zero 3

They refine everything from the previous game, chips that change the way the game is played, the levels here are none that disappoint, even memorable and the climax point of the whole history of the saga. The only thing I'm complaining about is that the bosses are easier than their predecessors.

Megaman X

Megaman X is an incredible game, it's the story about how our protagonist grows in all his adventure. This is personal, but it is the game that made me interested in all this medium.

Papers Please

You take the role of an immigration officer. And you have to decide who passes and who does not according to the rules you are told, but things are getting more and more complicated because there will be people who will beg you to let them pass, there will be others who arearmed, among other things more. A recommended video game.


A good platform game that removes one of its main elements, the jump, here you can only change gravity, this with the conventional level design gives it a very interesting challenge.

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

A good metroidvania (I don't like the word but it's necessary to explain what kind of game is) fun and a little bit short. I didn't like much the story, but it's still interesting. If you have a gameboy advance, nintendo DS, or any other handheld, you should try this game.

Deus Ex

The design of this game is very good, each level gives you certain routes according to your abilities or ingenuity. The story is good and serious with several political and conspiracy issues, you have immediate and long-term consequences of several things thanks to the interactivity and systems it has. A cult classic, if you're a video game lover you should play it.