Other stuff

In this section are going put some recommendations of videos, webpages, podcast, and other interesting stuff.



HOW TO BECOME A GAME DESIGNER: This guy tells you the damn truth fast and straight, for me it's a little inspiring the video.

Miedo al fracaso (Fear to failure): A good reflection about the failure, the video is in Spanish, but there are English subtitles

STOCKTALES: A funny video with weird humor, I love it

The First Video Game: A documentary where he makes a deep investigation to give a conclusion of which is the first videogame

POLYBIUS - The Video Game That Doesn't Exist: A documentary in which he thoroughly investigates the entire Polybius case

Web pages

Every website that I follow deserves a look

The book of shaders: If you want to learn GLSL, this is a good page to learn it

Freenet: An interesting platform that has good information (beware of ilegal content)


NewPipe: Essential app for any phone, far surpasses the official Youtube app and can also be used as an alternative to Spotify.

Tachiyomi: A very complete sleeve reader, with several multi-page catalogs, has even extensions to add catalogs +18

Retroarch: My favorite emulator frontend

Music Players

VLC: My player of daily use, its great advantage is its great compatibility with several formats like the .opus that is my favorite to take in a mobile device for its good compression and little loss of quality. My only drawback is your interface. I just don't like it.

Vinyl Music Player: A simple player, with a nice aesthetics, this player is for those who want something simple and functional

Web Browsers

Palemoon: My browser for daily use, to consume audiovisual media

Tor Browser: My privacy browser, for daily web browsing

Chromium: The best chrome-based browser

Ice cat: The best firefox-based browser