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I love music, but im not a expert about this topic, so I will only recommend the albums that I like, they can be a perfect album or they can be a very bad one.

Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns

"And I'm just a student of the game that they taught me"

Is a conceptual album that talks about nuclear war. Although many people know this band by their "edgy's" songs maybe you could give it a chance and listen to it.

Favorite song

Rockman Zero Collection Soundtrack résonnant vie

Even if you haven't played the video game the songs won't leave you indifferent, they are enjoyable pieces with memorable moments.

Favorite song

Kaki king - Dreaming of Revenge

"2 O'Clock you're still sleeping"

A dream is how I would describe this album, all of his songs have that relaxing immersion and I would even say that they have a blue atmosphere (like the album cover).

Favorite song

Totorro - Home Alone

It's a melancholic album of math rock, it's about 30 minutes long and it's totally worth it.

Favorite song

Radiohead - Kid A

"Who's in a bunker?"

This album is so depressive that every song is a punch in my feelings, plus I love the electronic sound

Favorite song

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells

A progressive rock album consisting of 2 very good songs from start to finish

Only are 2 songs and they are fantastic

Soda Stereo - Dynamo

"Estoy sudando en nuestra fe"

Dynamo is a great shoegaze album in Spanish, I love its atmosphere and rhythms.

A curious fact, this album in its early days was not well received in Argentina his homeland as fans are more accustomed to rock in Spanish.

Favorite song


"What is Santa bringing?"

I'm not a big fan of the rap genre but this album really impressed me, I've enjoyed all the songs.

You could give it a chance since the album is short.

Favorite song

GoGo Penguin - A Humdrum Star

This album has something I love, and that's the fusion of rhythm with piano, a jazz album that I enjoy from beginning to end.

Favorite song

Frank Ocean - Blonde

"Can't keep bein' laid off

Know you need the money if you gon' survive"

The central topic of the album is the adolescence, also the R&B style makes the album more atmospheric.

If you're a teenager you'll feel identified with the lyrics.

Favorite song

Theophany - Time's End I & II: Majora's Mask Remixed

If you played the game Majora's Mask, this album is for you, the album captures the essence of the game and transform into music

There are 2 albums, which I recommend highly, the bad thing is that at the end of the second you're more eager to hear more of this.

Favorite song Album I

Favorite song Album II

The Mars Volta - Frances The Mute

"L' Via

Sin ojos me quieres dar

Una historia sin mi madre"

This album is fantastic, the songs are progressive rock with jazz and Latin music that are totally worth it, one of my favorite albums.

It also has a somewhat twisted story, but to simplify it, it's about someone looking for their biological parents.

Favorite song

Porter - Moctezuma

"Te volveré a encontrar Quizás

No volveré jamás"

Another Spanish album, which talks about the conquest of the Spaniards to Mexico, also gives a more traditional sound to the ancient cultures of Mexico.

Favorite song

Mutemath - Mutemath

"It's hard to trust anyone again"

Chaos and calm, this album is a total jewel, I love the fusion of electric instruments with digital instruments.

Favorite Song