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I love videogames since my chilhood, I played several games from the most retro to the present games, I think I can do a mini review or at least try



  • Megaman Zero: Difficult and sometimes unfair, set the stage for later games
  • Megaman Zero 2: Refines all aspects of the previous game, and has one of the levels that I hate most, but is very enjoyable
  • Megaman Zero 3: Is the "MAGNUM OPUS" of the saga, is perfected many aspects of the game and other additions make it a lot of fun, this you have to play by obligation
  • Megaman Zero 4: It's a good game, but some gameplay decisions were not the best, and you may be a little disappointed since the previous title left the rod very high.

PORTAL 1 & 2

  • Portal: A short but powerful videogame, I love the atmosphere, its puzzles are not very difficult, but it compensates with the second half of the story and its organic design with the installations.
  • Portal 2: More a the same but expanded, with more history and comedy, but is a good game after all (but still prefer the predecessor)

The Legend of zelda

Despite its antiquity this game is gold, if I describe it in one word it would be "adventure", you have a great world to explore, some dungeons, some secrets and freedom to go anywhere. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? TRY IT


It's an arcade video game that has to survive the attack of the robots, there's no end, just reach a high score

Papers Please

You take the role of an immigration officer. And you have to decide who passes and who does not according to the rules you are told, but things are getting more and more complicated because there will be people who will beg you to let them pass, there will be others who are armed, among other things more. A recommended video game


A good platform game that removes one of its main elements, the jump, here you can only change gravity, this with the conventional level design gives it a very interesting challenge.

Spiderman 2

Yep, a licensed videogame made by activision.

This game is really good the team worked to make a good game, the balancing by the cobwebs, the combat, and as scales the walls is well done, besides the story is interesting, takes the same concept of the movie but treats it in its own way.

As any IGN writer would say, "It feels like spider-man."

Unfortunately it's only on Xbox and PS2 (The PC version is bad and I have no idea what the GC version is like)

As an extra this videogame has the best song of the videogames


My favorite game of 2018

The gameplay is good, with a useful wrench throughout the game and weapons to help you solve puzzles or defeat enemies.

I don't want to say much about the story but I'll just say it's about dystopia where there's an ivory crisis, which is a very powerful energy source.

And I'll just say that, please if you have the chance, play it.


A simple game about entering the private life of an alleged terrorist to show your innocence and show how great a patriot you are.

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

A good metroidvania (I don't like the word but it's necessary to explain what kind of game is) fun and a little bit short. I didn't like much the story, but it's still interesting. If you have a gameboy advance, nintendo DS, or any other handheld, you should try this game.